Date:April 2017

Organization and hosting of

the annual

Abitech Sochi 2017 Conference

Abitech Sochi 2017 is an annual onsite business conference gathering company employees and its partners. This key large-scale event attended by leading experts features face-to-face meetings and a press conference with leading industry media.


Organization of turnkey business events

Phase 1
Development of conference philosophy and signature style

Having started with three versions of visual design for the conference, we ended up with just one, but the most attractive. We have also developed a logo, corporate identity and unique design concept for the brand, which can be successfully used year after year.

Phase 2

Organization of transport and accommodations

As part of the project, our team booked seafront accommodations and a venue for the event on favourable terms. We also booked the best flight seats and organized transportation services for the attendees, including pickup services at the airport and transportation to scheduled events and business meetings.

Phase 3

Development and production of marketing and promotional materials and takeaways

All elements of style, souvenirs and promotional materials (brand and product roll up displays, press walls, personalized badges, notepads, pens, flags, paper bags, catalogues, etc.) were designed based on the brand philosophy.

Phase 4

Organization of the airport–hotel–airport transfer for the participants

Organization of the airport–hotel–airport transfer for the participants.

Phase 5

Gala dinner and entertainment program

The entertainment program featured a gala dinner with vibrant performances of popular bands. Guests of the event were also offered a diverse activities program at Sochi's best entertainment facilities/

Phase 6

Mass media accreditation. Media coverage of the conference in trade press

After the conference came to its close, trade journals and major themed platforms released conference summaries.


Reinforced brand loyalty and trust

Guests of this unique event had an excellent opportunity to discuss topical issues, share experience, forge and reinforce partnerships in a laid back setting, establish new business contacts and just relax in beautiful Sochi, far away from everyday routine and bustle of modern life.

Over 100 GE and ABITECH's customers and partners representing different industry sectors extensively using GE industrial Solution's uninterrupted power supply systems attended the event.