Customer:Production and Trading Company (PTC) Agrotip
Date:October 2015

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Production and Trading Company (PTC) AGROTIP is engaged in the development and manufacturing of production equipment and equipment for nurseries and greenhouses.

Overhauling the company's visual image
Modernization of the signature style
Introduction of upgraded graphical elements comprising company's signature style by implementing a balanced approach. To make the signature pattern more appealing and legible, we have updated graphical elements by perfecting their outlines. Though elements of the company's signature style underwent homogenizations, the semantics remained untouched.
Printed materials and souvenirs
We developed a series of booklets and catalogues in the redesigned corporate style as well as gift diaries, notepads, USB sticks and pens in the upgraded company’s signature style.
3D-visualization of the greenhouse complex
To visualize the future greenhouse complex and to get a better idea of how it will look from different angles in reality, a 3D spatial image was created. A thoroughly thought through composition with a designer's touch and carefully elaborated details as well as a tastefully selected colour palette and light and shade pattern give viewers a very good idea of what the future greenhouse complex will be like.
In the course of the project implementation, we developed a concept, created 3D models, designed and produced an exhibition stand for the 'Indoor Gardening in Russia' International Exhibition.
We also developed maps of operating greenhouse complexes