Customer:11 Invest
Date:April-October 2015

Apartment complex sale


Katerina-Alpik is a gated apartment community in Krasnaya Polyana with a well-developed infrastructure. Apartments comprising the complex meet all basic requirements established for Sochi apartments. These modern, spacious, light residences are located right in the heart of the Russian capital of winter sports.

Goal To sell 30% of finished apartments before the end of Q3, 2015.
strategic approach

To promote Katerina-Alpik residential apartments, our team developed a twofold comprehensive strategy to attract potential end-buyers and to find an investor interested in the entire complex.

At the start of the project implementation, our team made some improvements by:

Several contracts
оwere signedin the first
couple of months
During the first months of the marketing campaign, performance indicators had exceeded the forecast by more than 30%
Tools Digital
We used online advertising as a primary tool to engage new customers. However, the key ingredient of the campaign contributing to the project's overall success was contextual advertising.
Outcomes The entire apartment complex
was sold within just 6 months
  • Some property was acquired by end users
  • The complex was sold to an attracted investor