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Customer:Management Company (MC) Agrotip
Date:с October 2015

Development of a brand

for fresh domestic vegetables

Development of a brand for fresh domestic vegetables

Development of a brand for fresh domestic vegetables Our team developed and brought to market a new brand for fresh vegetables. A new, bright, catchy, competitive brand was created based on the results of an extensive research. Short time after successful launch of the new brand it won a number of awards and gained consumer recognition.

Goal Creation and introduction to the market of a new brand Since more companies join the market every year, it is becoming more difficult to earn consumer recognition. This is why development of a brand has proved to be an increasingly important step. In the world where consumers are bombarded with advertisements, the algorithm of the new brand launch is in dire need of revision.
Solutions Domestic brand Agriculture is one of the key sectors of Russian economy. Consumer preferences significantly changed in mid-2014 after a shift in the economic conditions. At the climax of the import substitution campaign, a new brand affiliated with the domestic market was sprouted. The new "Nashy Ovoshhi" concept highlights core consumer values.
Print Media Elements of corporate style for printed media, which were developed as part of the project, facilitated the creation and reinforcement of a relevant company image, status and scale and helped to clearly articulate complex technical details and the company’s scale of production.
Outcomes "Nashy Ovoshhi" is successfully competing in its segment It took "Nashy Ovoshhi" virtually no time to find its niche in the market. Today it successfully competes with other domestic and foreign brands.
*Best Product. Our products were awarded gold medals in the "Best Product" nomination at the ProdExpo 2016 and ProdExpo 2017 International Exhibitions.