Customer:Schoeffel Jewellery House
Date:February 2015

Schoeffel Jewellery House

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Schoeffel is a brand focusing on elegant premium quality pearl jewellery. Pearls have always been associated with femininity, high style, elegance, luxury, flawless beauty and sensitivity. Their mysterious lustre is capable of charming any woman in any corner of the globe.

*Schoeffel Jewellery House was founded by Wilhelm Schoeffel in 1921 as a pearl trading company. The family owned business in the fourth generation has managed to gain international exposure in the exclusive market of premium class pearls and acquire the prestigious status of a luxury brand.

Objective Large-scale
Engagement of potential customers in the Russian capital and in the regions.
Solution Schoeffel Jewellery House
in fashion and style magazines
and on websites

Only the most relevant promotional tools capable of attracting refined target audience were engaged in the Schoeffel Jewellery House marketing campaign. Majority of ads were placed in popular glossy magazines and on the Internet sites, visited by customers from the premium segment.

Participation in exhibitions
and events

German jewellery brand Schoeffel consistently participates in international exhibitions, nationwide presentations and conferences. Materials developed and adapted for the events of different formats promote unique characteristics of the German Jewellery House among the target audience.


When compiling Schoeffel catalogues and creating promotional materials, we made an extra effort to render every detail of the collections' exquisite style admired by the most demanding clients across the globe for its femininity.